I started in photography in 1997 after taking related courses in Madison. My first “professional” photography session was a best friends’ wedding. I remember clearly my nerves of jelly and thought that I was sure to be one friend less at the end of the day. Much to my delight, and hers, the pictures turned out fabulous and we were all thrilled!! Whew!! After that, my business grew strictly based on word of mouth and personal referrals. Now, I photograph everything!!  Weddings, senior pictures, generational and family shots, babies and pets!!  I love them all!!!  I love being able to see how God has made each individual so unique and each setting so artistic!

Regardless of what type of photography session you need, you will always get the reprint rights to your pictures. I will provide you with a high resolution DVD that has all your images on it as well as full reprint authority by putting my release right on your DVD. Now, you can go anywhere to get your enlargements. I will also post them on my website under a lab that I fully endorse and trust so if you would prefer to order from them, you will be able to do that as well.

I try very hard to make your experience with me one that you will not soon forget. I consider it an unique opportunity each time I photograph people or events and try to use that time to truly capture the emotion, not the pose. After all, what could be better than a grooms’ face filled with emotion the first time he sees his bride coming down the aisle or a child’s explosive laughter at the prospect of being tickled? It doesn’t get any better than that!!