I love taking Senior pictures/portraits because I absolutely love this generation. I think that this age group is so unique. I love capturing their individual style for them in creative and new ways. This age group is so endearing because you can actually get pictures where the “kid” in them is highly visible and in the next shot the “adult” in them is shining through.  It’s a blast to see that all unravel right before your eyes!

The session takes about 1 1/2 hours and includes 3-4 clothing changes. I take the indoor picture that they need for the yearbook first and then all other senior portraits are taken on location in the community (i.e. – parks, nature reserves, etc.) I have several 'hot spots' to choose from that will satisfy rural, urban or eclectic preferences.  You will receive a high resolution DVD with my photographers release on it within one week of your photo shoot.   I charge a one time fee of $375 + tax. There is an additional charge for travel or for dramatically changing hairstyles (i.e. straightening hair, shaving).  If you would like to add in family pictures at the same time, I offer a $50 discount off of a regular family picture shoot - so you would do both the Senior and the Family picture in one sitting for $475 + tax.  Why not take the time to do a last family picture before they leave for their next season in life?

The one thing that seniors don’t want is a lengthy, boring photography session.  You could talk to any one of the hundreds of seniors that I have done pictures for and you would hear about how they actually had a great time getting their pictures done – yes, even those resistant seniors!!  If you are having fun getting your picture taken, it will show in the finished product and the result is amazing!!

All pictures will be posted directly on my website for viewing and/or purchase.  Photos will be available within 24 hours online for family and friends which allows them to go directly to the site to place their order from the very lab that I use for all of my reprinting.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!